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American roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the United States and is very popular in Asia as well. It has no major differences than European Roulette except for the double-zero which increases the house edge slightly. It’s also called the double-zero roulette.
There are three main versions of the game of roulette. The first one is the French roulette, the second one – European roulette online, and finally, there’s the American roulette. These games have their various distinctions and quirks among themselves. To that end, today we will talk specifically about the American roulette simulator.

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American Roulette essentials


As the rules for all the other roulette games go – so do they go for American roulette. There’s the American roulette wheel. Then there’s the American roulette table. You place your bets on one or more of the inside and outside bets. Then the wheel spins and, depending on where the ball falls, you’ll either win or lose some money. This simple approach that the game has is what’s directly responsible for the attraction of the attention of millions of people in history.

The objective of American roulette games is fairly simple predict where the ball will land. The American roulette wheel has 38 brackets. Numbers from 1 to 36 are marked in red and black and appear on the wheel in no particular order.

In the American roulette wheel layout every bracket is the same size giving the ball equal chance of landing in any of them. The American roulette table is where you’ll be placing your bets. Whether at a land-based or online casino you place your bets with chips and the betting window lasts until the wheel starts spinning after which all bets are closed.


The table is not very different from the roulette table on the other versions. You will have the 38 numbers (including a zero and double zeroes, in green). Then there are the various outside bets that you can make – like betting on red or black, or on high or low, etc. It’s simple to capture it with your mind and you can learn how to play in a matter of minutes.

Wheel layout

There are the numbers from 0 (and 00) to 36 on the roulette wheel. But they aren’t in line – they are mixed. The ball can drop on any one of them and there’s no way to predict it.


The American version of roulette has, in fact, the worst odds for the player. The addition of double zeroes makes things a lot more difficult if you want to win money. The American roulette odds and the house edge are set at 5.26%. But still, it’s far from impossible to win some money – especially if you use the proper American roulette strategy to win.

Even with a slightly higher house edge than European roulette, American roulette payouts can still be incredible and it’s worth knowing what are the odds on different bets and how you can play the game to maximize winnings or make it suit your play style better.

If you’re looking to play it safe you can also go for the low-stake bets:

There are a few other variations of bets but they are essentially identical to all of the previously mentioned. You can get creative and make your own betting combinations using the line and split bets while having a few strong straight-up bets for those big wins.

How to win at American Roulette – Strategies

If you want to win at the game, then you will need to keep on playing. Now, the fact is that the house will always have an edge over you. And, mind you, in the case of American roulette games, the house edge is far from negligible. But still, if you want to play things safe – we suggest you take the outside bets more often than the inside bets. They will bring you more frequent wins – albeit a smaller one. And if you wish to take things to the next level – then why not try Martingale? This strategy has been shown to be a losing one in the long run. But in the short run, it can bring you some money.

What’s the best American roulette strategy to win? Well this is a question without an answer. Even though it’s mostly a game of chance countless strategies and tactics have been made over the years to try and beat the system. There is no surefire way of winning and getting out of the casino with more than you came in with comes down to luck and your money management skills.

It’s also good to think about what kind of play style suits you the best. Iif you’re willing to sit through half a dozen lost bets just to get that one massive hit then you’re better off making just a few straight-up bets and hoping to get lucky. However,  if you’re not a huge risk taker you can go for the safer alternative like the color bet that has a lot less payout but a lot lower risk involved too.

American Roulette Practice

If you’re playing American roulette online real money you can usually choose between the live dealer and the standard online version of the game. While the regular animated version of the game can be fun, the live dealer roulette simply brings the game to another level. Most players admit that the most exciting part of roulette is that moment of suspense when the ball is spinning and seeing that in real-time with a live dealer is just much more immersive and thrilling than seeing the animation play out.

Most casinos today are also mobile friendly so you can play the game anytime and anywhere.

Differences between American and European roulette

Again, the main difference between the two versions is the fact that one has one zero, and the second one, in addition to the zero, also has a double zero. So, the house edge is larger in American roulette. Surprisingly – this does not detract from its popularity, at all. Both the American roulette wheel layout and the European roulette layouts are, aside from the small difference, virtually identical.

The Best American Roulette Games Online

There are variations in American roulette UK games, but the core structure is always the same. You will find that the variations are mostly in the thematic part. The wheels and the tables may be of different colors and sizes. But the main rules are pretty much the same. Now, what remains for you to do is to find a proper online casino that features the game and where you can play American roulette online for real money in the UK. And this is not at all a difficult thing to do.

There’s plenty to choose from but here are some of the best online casinos to play American roulette online for fun and for real money:

Live dealer variations

When it comes to American roulette – you can easily find an online casino where there’s a live section. In this section, you can play a number of different versions of the game – but with a live dealer. This section will provide the best of both worlds when it comes to land-based casino gambling and online gambling. Many players really enjoy this bit of online gambling.

Mobile variations

The thing to note here is that you can play online American roulette for free no download. But also – you could, if you want to, download a mobile roulette application. This will enable you to get American roulette practice on your mobile device – regardless if you have iOS or Android devices. Just see to it that the online casinos do feature mobile play and you can play this game on your mobile device just as easily.

What to Look For In an American Roulette Casino

The things to look out for, first of all, are the stability and security of the online casino. These are of paramount importance, to say the least. Then, you should also consider the roulette bonuses, if any, and the related terms and conditions attached to their use. Above all else, you should aim to have fun while you’re at it.

American Roulette Online for Real Money 2020

So, you can get a quick American roulette payout if you’re lucky enough. All you need to do is find an online roulette casino and have at it. Or you could also play American roulette online for fun. The choice is completely yours. We hope you will have fun either way.


Is American roulette better than European roulette?

Well, some people love the additional thrill of winning at harder games. So, they will prefer playing the American version. But there are many people that don’t care about this – they just want to win money. So, it depends, really.

Is there a winning strategy that I can use?

No. You can increase the odds of winning – but you won’t win all the time.

Is Martingale effective at American roulette?

Betting on black or red and then doubling up every time you lose until you win – is the name of the game when it comes to Martingale. However, this strategy, while successful in the short run – can ruin you in the long run due to the hard progressions. We suggest that you steer clear.

Should I play American Roulette?

For a casual player the increased house edge won’t be a big deal, however if you’re a regular player or even a high-roller then playing European or French roulette will be better in the long run.

Is RNG roulette fair?

Even though a program comes up with the numbers they are still just as random as they would be with a real roulette wheel and the house edge is still the same.

Do I have to deposit money before playing?

Most online casinos offer an American roulette simulator so you can play American roulette online for free with no download before playing it with real money.


This pretty much sums up the game of American roulette. We hope that you have found all the info you need when it comes to this. And we hope you will find an online casino where you will have the time of your life and win a lot of cash while you spin the reels.

American roulette is one of the most exciting casino games to play and with massive payouts you’ll quickly realize why it’s so popular around the world.

If you never tried the game before then generous casino bonuses coupled with beginners luck might just be a perfect combination to win big.

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