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Played regularly in Monte Carlo, French Roulette is much different from other Roulette due to its unique table layout. Players also benefit from the reduced edge of up to 1.35%. French Roulette by Evolution Gaming has a new experience that you need. Remember the following tips when playing this game.

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Table Limit & Odds

French Roulette is played on the ordinary European wheel, which has the sum of 37 pockets. Among the pockets, there’s one colored in green and holds the zero. The rest pockets are colored in black and red and comprise numbers 1 to 36. The wheel numbers are, however, not shown in consecutive order. The pattern is random and varies from what you find in the American roulette wheel. You may now play live French Roulette.

How to play the Roulette

French Roulette resembles the American Roulette. However, the American table has even chances of black/red, even/odd and passé/manqué and the French one on both sides. With French Roulette, players can bet until the croupier declares the end of bets. After spinning, the ball can fall in any number from 0 to 36. The section where the ball stands is what establishes the winning number. For ultimate experience, also consider live dealer French Roulette at casino online.

French roulette rules

The following are the two rules that apply:

  1. The La Partage Rule

    La Partage is actually deciphered as “dividing” or “sharing.”  According to the rule, if the ball stands in the zero pocket, all even-cash bets, Red/Black, Odd/Even, and High/Low wagers automatically split into two.

    Half of the first bet is taken back to the player, whereas the house relinquishes the remaining part. Remember, this rule only applies when you come up with even-cash wagers. For instance, if you put a straight-up bet and zero shows up, you lose the whole bet. Evolution Gaming live French Roulette review provides all the details that you need!
  2. The En Prison Rule

    En Prison means “in jail” when deciphered from French. The rule prevalently applies in landbased clubs in Monaco, and once in a while, you can find it in online French roulette varieties.

    Given that the rule is used at the table, a marker is placed by the croupier above the entire even-cash wagers any time the zero is spun. As a result, the even-cash bets are “detained” for another wheel twist. On the off chance that the player’s even-cash wager wins on the subsequent turn, their original bet is taken back without rewarded for anything. Anybody would concur this is better as compared to losing the whole bet. You shouldn’t also hesitate you enjoy live French Roulette mobile.


French Roulette utilizes a similar wheel and gaming options that you find in European Roulette. The two games are virtually indistinguishable except for the two significant rules in the French version that players get benefits.

The majority of roulette fans want to play the games in the French version due to its lowest house benefit. This is explained with the single zero pocket on the roulette wheel.

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