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Roulette is considered to be one of the oldest and widely played betting games in the world. The game gained popularity over the years after the French revolution. The term roulette is a French word that in English means “little wheel”.  There are so many theories that try to explain its origin and existence, some say that it evolved from a game that was being played in ancient China while others believe that it was a source of entertainment for soldiers in the Roman Empire. It was until the 17th century when Blaise Pascal from France came up with the current French roulette simulator that features 36 numbers. The game continued to develop gradually until the time Louis and his brother Francoise from France added 0 at the end of the 19th century.
Out of the three main versions of roulette French roulette has the lowest house edge meaning that it’s definitely the most appealing option out of the three for high-rollers and regular players.

French roulette has almost the same rules as European and American roulette, but there are two additional rules which lower the house edge by a few percentage points. In addition, French roulette adds a few unique betting options known as French or Call bets.

While French roulette also features only a single zero just like European roulette the table layout is slightly different. Most websites offer the option to play online French roulette for free with no download so you can easily check the differences personally.

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French Roulette Table and Wheel Layout

The French table layout is easy to recognize since usually the markings on the table are written in French, for example instead of Red and Black you’ll see the words Rouge/Noir. The betting sections for outside bets are placed on both sides of the main betting area and there is a special segment for French bets called the racetrack.

French roulette wheel layout is the same as the European roulette version and the numbers are alternating between red and black, even and odd and the zero is marked as green just like in the other two versions of the game.

French Roulette essentials

The new online casino game has been made easier and more enjoyable to play American french online for fun today as long as you understand the basic French roulette rules that govern the game. Before we look into the rules it’s important to notice that the number of players is not limited, all the players use the same chips with similar values and croupier has total authority over the game, he is charged with the roles of announcing the winning number and pays the winner besides announcing the beginning of the game.


Same rules apply in French roulette as they do in the European and American roulette counterparts. The name of the game is successfully predicting what number or division on the wheel does the ball land in. Since there’s only one zero the game has a lower house edge than American roulette but there are two extra rules that lower the house edge even further making the French version even more player-friendly than the European one.

The two rules that we previously mentioned are:

The wheel comprises a spinning disk that has divisions around its edges that rotate around the base of the bowl. These divisions around the wheel are in a random alternate pattern of black and red. The divisions are numbered from 1-36 and there is also a green division that has been numbered as 0. There is also a ball that is spinning around the outer side of the bowl.

The disk revolves until it comes to a rest. The ball settles in one of the divisions. All the players must put their bets before the dealer declares that there are no more bets after which the dealer spins the ball in the roulette wheel. The ball then settles on a particular number from 1-36 and it’s this number that determines the winner. The croupier announces and pays the winning number/bets.

Players have numerous betting options to choose from. There are inside bets that involve selecting an exact pocket of the number or a small range of pockets that the ball will land in and outside bets where the player picks bets based on larger positional grouping. In French Roulette there are two basic rules, En prison and La Partage.

La Partage simply means dividing or sharing. The rule states that if the ball settles at the zero pockets then all the even-wagers are automatically split in half. Even-money wagers in this context refer to Black/red, Low/high and odd/Evens. This rule is only applicable in case of even-money bets. Suppose zero comes up if you had paced a straight-up bet then you lose the whole wager.

In English ‘En Prison’ simply means ‘in prison’. The rule is not much applicable in the online French Roulette but is mostly used in land-based casinos. According to this rule, the croupier places a marker on all even-money wagers each time zero is spun and this means that the money is imprisoned for the next spin. In case the even-money wins the next spin, the players will have their original wager refunded, they will not win anything. Here is the outlook for the French roulette table.

Tables/wheel layout

3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36
2 5 8 11 14 17 20 23 26 29 32 35
1 4 7 10 13 16 19 22 25 28 31 34


1st 12 2nd 12 3rd 12
1 to 8 Even Odd 1 to 36


The expected value of one dollar bet can be calculated as:

This equation n is the number of pockets. Look at the table below for more information about French roulette odds.

English Name French Name Description Odds
Red Rouge A red number Evens
Black Noir A black number Evens
Even Pair Even number Evens
Odd Impair Odd Number Evens
Low bet Manqué 1-18 Evens
High Bet Passé 19-36 Evens
First Dozen Premiere Douzaine 1-12 2:1
Middle Dozen Moyenne Douzaine 13-24 2:1
Last Dozen Dernier Douzaine 25-36 2:1
Column Bet Colonne Column of twelve numbers 2:1
Line Bet Sixain Six numbers 5:1
Corner bet Carre Four numbers 8:1
Street bet Carre Simple A row of three numbers 11:1
Split Bet En Chaval A pair of numbers 17:1
Straight Up En plein Single number 35:1

All of the bets are the same as the European and American versions of the game except a few added groups.

These special betting options called the French bets or the Call bets are essentially segments of the Roulette wheel as opposed to the table and are placed in the special “racetrack” section of the table, these Call bets include:

These bets don’t change anything about the odds or the French roulette payout they just make betting on certain parts of the French roulette wheel easier.

How to win at French roulette

Just like in the other two versions of the game there is no surefire way of winning. Roulette Is a game of chance and spotting patterns or figuring out systems is nothing more than an illusion.

It’s much better to figure out what betting strategies suit your play style the most. On one hand betting on a few numbers only will be riskier but with potentially massive payouts, on the other hand going for safer bets like the column bet might not be as exciting but the winnings will add up.

Pocketing some of the winnings is also a smart move which ensures that you’ll always leave with more than you came in with.

Here is a list of tips and French roulette practices that will help increase your chances of winning French Roulette. If you want to be a pro in the game then you need to try out these French roulette strategy to win more bets.

French Roulette Practice

If you’re playing French roulette online for real money then you can usually choose between the Live Dealer and the standard version of the game.

Looking at a real croupier spin the ball is much more satisfying then just waiting for the animation to play out but if you enjoy mobile play more, then the standard version might run a lot smoother and be easier to just pick up and play .

Differences between French and European roulette

Historians believe that the French Roulette Wheel is the original version of Roulette while the rest is just a development that came after the game was introduced to the casino. French and European Roulette are almost very similar and it takes a keen observer to notice the difference, many players often confuse the two. Words and numbers used European tables are in English while those in French tables are in French. Another observable feature is that boxes that tally to pockets in the helm for French roulette are red.

Live dealer variations

There are a number of dealers available online who are always willing to help you get the best experience while enjoying your game. These dealers operate differently though almost in a similar way. Their main aim is to help you enjoy the game by providing a favorable environment for you. Some dealers offer free gaming while others deal with real money betting. You can play French roulette for free no download required. Try out the free waging before you venture into French roulette real money gambling.

Mobile variations

Players have a number of options to choose from. Due to mobile variations, you can play from live casino apps, web-based and native sites. There is a great increase in playing live casino on mobile devices mostly because mobile devices are widely spread as compared to PCs, besides they’re also more accessible than computers. Google play does not permit gambling for real money while Apple offers a very strict policy through iTunes. There are a number of apps to download and each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

What to look for in a French roulette casino

There is nothing much to look for in French Roulette because there is no big difference from this casino to others. We have already discussed the differences between French and European roulette. You can also look out for the differences between American Roulette and French Roulette to help you easily identify or distinguish French roulette from the rest.

French roulette online for real money 2020

Want to enjoy roulette online for real money in 2020? There are a lot of dealers and platforms to make your dream come true. You can make more money as long as you understand the basic rules of the game and get the best live dealer and platform. With an increase in technology, there is more to enjoy and more money to make. French roulette payouts are incredible, the process is very simple though this depends on where you call your home.


Understanding the French roulette wheel layout and the table will help you get a better and deeper understanding of the bet which will eventually improve your winning chances. If you want to be a pro in this game, you must familiarize yourself with the different probabilities and odds and the basic tips discussed above.

The aim of this game is to predict where the ball is going to land when the Roulette wheel stops spinning. There are rules that govern the game and determine who wins and who loses. The croupier or dealer’s spine the wheel and sets the ball in motion in the opposite direction, the ball then spins until it settles on a certain number slot. Every bet includes one or more possible numbers depending on the type of bet.

French roulette is the best choice out of the three main versions of the game simply because of the low house edge, if you want to play French roulette games online you can find some great casinos like William Hill, Grosvenor or Casumo that all offer great bonuses and optimized experience for both PC and mobile devices.

Most casinos offer a French roulette simulator that will allow players to play the game completely free and help them get a better understanding of the game, bets and strategies involved before playing the real thing.

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French Roulette FAQ

What is the difference between an inside and an outside bet?

Outside bets placed in groupings outside the grid while inside bets are bets on the number grid.

What do I need to play online roulette?

You just need either a computer or a mobile device with a connection to the internet. You can then play online roulette a demo or for real money.

How can I install Roulette software on my computer?

Visit any online casino website that is hosting the game then downloads and installs the software and starts playing in minutes.

Can I play roulette for free online?

Yes, you can play for free as there are so many offers from online casinos. You can use these free games to perfect your skills before trying real betting.