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There are a lot of people that want to know about the betting limits in roulette. After all, no matter if you’re playing American roulette or European roulette, the table’s croupier isn’t going to let you bet too little or too much. When you step up to the table to place your bets, you want to do it with confidence so you can determine that you know the right amount. We’ll take a closer look at roulette table betting limits and how they are enforced for various layouts. The next time the wheel spins, you’ll know what to hope for!

How Do Roulette Bet Limits Work?

Online roulette betting limits work the same way as betting limits at a real table. These limits work in the sense that they limit the minimum or maximum amount of money that you are able to wager. This is done for several reasons such as to protect the casino from players that might not have the money to cover their bet. 

Getting to the bottom of how bet limits work in Great Britain and are important, but they are there for the casino and for players in a way. We’ll take a closer look at the minimum and maximum wagers.

Minimum & Maximum Wagers for Online Roulette

The minimum bet limits in roulette are determined by the table at which you play. There are some tables in a casino that are left open for high rollers or are designed to give players a low minimum to make the game more approachable for everyone.

The biggest difference is that when you want to swap between a low and a high limit at a table in real life, you have to move around the casino, usually to more secure areas. When you’re playing online for a high limit, you can change your settings and continue playing. 

It’s also necessary to understand the way that the minimum and maximum works. For example, if you were betting $100 at a time and that is the max bet limit for roulette at your casino, then you can only put that much money on the table at one time. That way, after every ball spin, you can’t put $100 on different parts on the table. You can put four bets of $25 on the table to hit the maximum. 

The benefit of this setup is that you can wager money on several different parts of the table such as on an outside bet for odds and then bet on five spaces of even to hedge your bets. It’s a useful way to determine how much money you want to spend on these roulette games, too. 

Inside BetsMax LimitOutside BetsMax Limit
Straight-up (1 number)C$5000DozensC$60,000
Split (2 numbers)C$10,000ColumnsC$60,000
Street (3 numbers)C$15,000Odd/EvenC$100,000
Corner (4 numbers)C$20,000Low18/High18C$100,000
Double Street (6 numbers)C$30,000Red/BlackC$100,000

While we explored the maximum limit on tables, it’s also a good idea to explore the question of the minimums as well. The inside and outside minimum is the least that you are able to bet inside or outside when playing a round of roulette. This part is important to know: some casinos will allow you to split the minimum between multiple different bets so you can work a strategy. However, some live betting casinos and brick and mortar casinos will only let you put the minimum bet on a single number or outside bet. Check with the croupier before they spin and before you place cash on a sector. 

Table Limits for Real Money Roulette

As we’ve already said, there are some table limits that are in place for real money roulette. The reason is that casinos are in the money-making business and not in the business of losing their cash. That’s why they will set limits on the table so a person can’t come in and bet 50.000 on odd or even and take them for thousands of dollars before waltzing out the door. It’s bad for their business. 

That being said, there are some real outside and inside limits that are considered typical within the realm of online casinos and casinos in person. Here are some of the limits that you can expect for certain kinds of bets being placed. 

bet limitations

Maximum Limit for Inside Bets:

Straight-up (1 number) limits is up to $5000

Split (2 numbers) is up to $10,000

Street (3 numbers) is up to $15,000

Corner (4 numbers) is up to $20,000

Double Street (6 numbers) is up to $30,000

Maximum Limit for Outside Bets

Dozens: $60,000

Columns $60,000

Odd/Even: $100.000

Low 18 or high 18: $100,000

Red/Black: $100,000

These are only samples from one renowned casino and are not indicative of the total maximums that you will face. 


Understanding the minimum and maximum amounts for bets is a very significant part of the roulette game. After all, you need to know how much you can spread across different bets if you are trying to use one of the systems to give you a good chance at winning or recouping your losses. 

The maximums are there to protect the player just as much as they are there to protect the casino. That way, you can enjoy yourself without betting too much and bring yourself to financial ruin. With that in mind, most players will never hit the maximum because they can be tens of thousands of dollars, so just play to have some fun!

Roulette Betting Limitations FAQ

Do all casinos have a minimum bet?

It’s difficult to say if all casinos do one thing, but the vast majority of them have a minimum bet in place.

How do I know the maximum bet?

There will usually be a sign at the tablet, you can ask the croupier, or you can read about it on the website.

Can I use the maximum to my advantage?

You can bet on multiple inside and outside bets in order to achieve the maximum in many cases, and that can be used as part of a scheme to get yourself in a position to earn something even if you don’t hit on all your numbers.

What’s the lowest roulette bet I can place?

In some casinos, you can bet as little as $1. That can change online when you’re playing for other amounts but always check with your casino ahead of time.

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