Probability and Odds in Roulette

The idea of roulette odds and probability are of significant interest to anyone that is looking to play this game. That being said, the fact remains that there are no outside ways to influence the probability of winning roulette games. Still, you have to know about these core concepts before you approach the tables. We’ll help you understand the role that you can play when gambling to try to get good odds for yourself even if it means you won’t get insanely rich.

The Concept of Probability in Roulette

The concept of probability in roulette is complex, to say the least. Depending on if you’re using tablets and wheels for European roulette, American roulette, and French roulette, there are different probabilities right away. Namely, the house has an edge in American roulette because they get both 0 and 00 on the wheel, reducing the chances of you winning on a single number from 36 to 1 to 37 to 1.

That being said, the way to understand probability in the context of roulette requires looking at the probability roulette spins that turn out in your favor vs. those that are not in your favor.

Basically, if you bet on a single number, you have a European wheel, you have 1 way to win and 36 ways to lose. The formula for this is probability of winning is equal to the Ways to Win / (Ways to Win + Ways to Lose) So, your probability of a win would be 1/(1+36) or 1/37 or 2.70%.

Roulette Strategies

Now, you might think that there are strategies that can help you overcome the probability roulette system and you’re right. Some of these include using the ability to place inside and outside bets on the same turn to help them cover a lot of their potential losses. For example, some popular roulette odds strategies people use are to place a dozens bet in conjunction with 5 random odd bets can make it possible to give yourself a high chance of breaking even or winning or betting on black or red.

The same applies to the probability roulette red black in terms of whether the spin lands in a red or black sector. There are some ways to overcome the inherent issues with the probability that are fixed in the game.

Probabilities & Payouts of Called Bets

There are generally two kinds of bets that are present in roulette: inside and outside bets. Inside bets include the numbers while outside bets have dozens, black, red, and more. Here are the roulette betting odds that you should know about before placing a bet.  

Odds & Payouts for Outside Bets

Column2 to 132.40%31.6%
Dozen2 to 132.40%31.6%
Even/odd1 to 148.60%47.4%
Red/black1 to 148.60%47.4%
Low/high1 to 148.60%47.4%

Odds & Payouts for Inside Bets

For inside bets, there are several combinations that you need to understand when looking at the payouts. Our roulette odds chart will help you determine the best odds in roulette for when you’re betting on the inside.

Single number35 to 12.63%2.7%
Two numbers17 to 15.4%5.3%
Three numbers11 to 18.1%7.9%
Four numbers8 to 110.8%10.5%
Five numbers6 to 113.5%13.2%
Six numbers5 to 116.2%15.8%

As you can see, the lowest odds in roulette are for single numbers but they also have the highest payout. The highest odds in roulette are with high stakes and low stakes, red and black, even and odd, but they also have the lowest payout of any other strategy.

Can You Use Probability Theory to Develop a Betting Strategy?

One thing that people often wonder is whether or not they can use probability theory to develop a betting strategy. The popular roulette odds strategies involve people making spreadsheets, watching for when to follow the wheel and when to bet against it and more. The fact of the matter is that you can develop a betting strategy, but it will not influence the odds. You can mitigate as much risk as possible and come away with small amounts of real money, but you can still lose.

How to Increase Player’s Chances of Winning

Increasing your chances of winning is nearly impossible to do. The best thing that you can do is know the rules of the game. You have to understand the bets that will give you winnings and which ones will not help you win. Only by doing this can you successfully increase your chances. Otherwise, you cannot interfere in the game at all.

It’s Still About Luck!

Luck is the only thing that you can count on when it comes time to bet on roulette. You either have good luck or you don’t. The ball can weirdly skim the wheel and land on your number, or the croupier could end up falling into a streak where they toss the ball and it only lands on black for a few turns. It’s all luck in the end!


Is online roulette different in terms of odds and payouts?

Yes and no. The game relies on RNG, but the fact is that the payouts are the same and the systems still operate close to what you could get in real life.

Does it matter what kind of wheel they use?

Yes, the American wheel has a slight extra bias for the house due to the 00.

How can I earn the most money?

You can get lucky and guess a single number for that massive payout, but it’s hard to do.

How come even and odd bets aren’t 50% chances to win?

The numbers 0 and 00 don’t count as even or odd.


All in all, roulette is a tough game to understand if you’re trying to learn everything. However, with some ideas about the probabilities and payouts, you can learn the basics quite easily. Use this knowledge to make fun bets or seek a high reward for yourself. As long as you know the rules and strategy, you’re doing well!

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