Column King System


Column king roulette strategy is believed to do two essential things for a player.  Firstly, this system forms a reasonable amount for a single session, which can be adjusted for any spending money. Secondly, it gives players the freedom to go with or go against a sequence of numbers, and the player may win either a single unit before starting again, or take advantage of the sequence of numbers, and multiply the initial amount the player invested.  This is a unique feature that only a few roulette strategies can offer. Going through this text will be essential for any player to have column king roulette system explained. 


Before a player starts playing using column King roulette system, he/she should keep 1000 chips per game session.  It can be further split into two, 500 chips and 500 chips as back up. When playing the roulette, the aim is to win 500 chips, which signifies half of the allocated budget for fun. If a player is so unlucky not to make a profit of 500 chips, he/she should quit playing. If he chooses not to, the back-up amount can be used to play over again. 

For every draw, the game betting is 10 chips. This indicates that if a player bets on the winning column, he/she make a 2x gain of 20 chips. From here, the next step for a player to take is to bet on a different column. If the player loses the first stake, they still place a bet on the column. If luck runs out and a sequence of losses happens, the way out is to restrict oneself by setting a limit with value and number of draws in mind. If a player decides to bet on a smaller value, and that is 5 chips.

There’s an aggressive approach that a player should take with the first bet of 5 chips, rather than staking 6 after the first loss, they aim straight for 10. Practically, This connects us to Martingale, but we are rather sticking to a fixed ratio (5 chips). The bets would be of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. Furthermore, this would give a huge increase in the total winnings after a successful stake.  For instance, at five sequential bets won, the output is of 5 + 15 + 25 + 35 + 45 = 125 chips.

Here’s a summary of the betting process, on the first column, we staked 5 chips. After the winning first bet, we progressed to the third column with a 10% gain. The following bet was also a win, so we moved to the central column. After here, we encountered a losing stake of 5 chips on the central column, then followed by a winning one. This event repeated itself, so we moved to another column. The process goes on and on. Column king roulette system legal status is okay, so there is nothing to worry about. 


No-Hit wagers happen when players simply make a $5 wager on the column they had selected and wait for the results. If fate is kind to them that their column wins, they will be paid $10 and they do a wager on another column. If fate is harsh and their column loses, they do the same wager again. If it enters, they are paid $10 and have a $5 win to enjoy. In a situation where they lose again, they start a sequence of increased wagers which would last as long as possible while they wait for the column to click and the losing drought to end. This column king roulette example  is simplified. 


Continuous Hit Streak Wagers seeks to utilize a winning streak and the 2 to 1 payoff on column wins. Many players stake on the streak, not against it. To start playing, the players use the same $5 wager on a single column of 12 numbers and the wager remains at $5 until the column wins, afterwards the wager increases.

The recommended budget to start within this strategy is $200 and when the $200 is finished, the player has to decide to take a break or call it a day. When there is continuous winning, the player should still play aggressively until a higher limit is reached.  or the game bankroll slips back to the initial budget of $200. With a Continuous Hit Streak, when the wager wins the stake is increased by $1. A string of winners can go on for some time, but a streak of six straight would have wagers of $5, $6, $7, $8, $9, $10. The earnings on those wagers (each with an additional $1 being wagered on the next spin) are $9, $11, $13, $15, $17. The total winning amount is $65. If the streak continues, the player should increase the wagers. You only bounce back to $5 when the streak comes to a halt.


The Law of the Third roulette strategy is simply rooted in the mathematical fact that, after a group number of spins, certain numbers will not have appeared.


There are a few variations and modifications of the Column King roulette betting system strategy. We have the law of the third which have been explained earlier in this article. We have the dozen and column system and the column and dozen system. But unfortunately, this article is solely focused on column King roulette strategy.

Column King System FAQ

Can the column king roulette system be applied on all types of roulette wheels?

Yes, column king roulette strategy can be used for the European single-zero wheel or the North American double zero wheel. This column king roulette system review is good to read over again for better understanding.

How can I avoid the possibility of increasing my stake when loosing?

You need to discipline yourself by setting a crystal clear budget for every game session and limiting the winning chances. If you see that the game session or the amount doubles or triples, it’s time you call it a day and walk away. Understanding this column king betting system guide will go a long way in accomplishing it.

What’s the payment advantage of the Column King roulette system?

When there is a winning draw, the Column King roulette system has a payment edge from 2, and players can still win if they have a lucky number sequence. A player can also lose when using Column King roulette system. Column king roulette system odds to win cannot be calculated correctly.


The Column King Roulette system has its advantages and disadvantages like every other strategy out there. Column king system requirements are not difficult to follow up. What makes column king roulette strategy to stand out is that players are taking a small risk and winning can be huge. While it is highly unlikely, but it does happen, for a sequence of six or eight consecutive wins to occur repeatedly, smaller gains of two and three hits likely occur. To get the best out of column King roulette system, players may want to start with a bigger first bet after increasing their table stake. Another option is to give try out a slightly modified version of the column King roulette system. Winning with column relies on the approach adopted at the roulette game table. Most of the column king success stories are true. 

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