The Double Street Quad System


Roulette is a standard classic game that has become popular over the years. People all over the world, from Great Britain to America, enjoy playing roulette in different casinos. To keep the winning spirit alive, people are devising new strategies that enable them to win a decent payout. There are several strategies or systems to win big in roulette, but this article will help you find Double Street roulette system explained. 


This is the first question that would pop into the mind of anyone reading this article. Since it is not easy to predict the outcome of a spin, Double street quad system is being employed by some roulette players to win. The double street quad system in roulette involves making a double street bet followed by placing a clip by the corner and a straight-up bet. Or in order words, it is the application of street and quad bets evenly distributed around the betting layout. In short, the double street roulette quad system odds raise a player’s chances to win.  



A double street roulette strategy allows players to win more than a moderate range of payout. Still, players should be aware that double street quad system is only operational when the chances of winning equals to the number of outcomes that could be covered. Seventeen numbers are typically included, which is nearly half an American or European roulette. However, players should not forget that roulette remains a game of chances, 50:50 chance to the precise. It is still possible for players to come across an unfortunate event where they lose continuously. This gambling strategy will not make any difference, and thus it would be hard for the player to bounce in the roulette game in a steady state.  If you hope to win big for a short period, I won’t recommend a double street quad system as it is highly unlikely for the single bet will provide you with winning several times. If you have a thin budget, and you want to earn and stay longer while enjoying the game gradually, then the double street quad system is right for you.  



There are no specific numbers to stake (hight stakes or low stakes) on in the double street roulette system, but there are rules to follow. However, the double street quad system enables a player to cover 17 numbers of sectors of the roulette wheel. The 2 double street bets are don’t intersect with 2 line bets. This gives a player a winning odd of five to one. This short double street roulette system example will make a difference in a player’s betting life.

The Double Street Quad System FAQ

How can I play using the double street quad system?

The game can be started in any round. First, you will need to choose a number. Let’s take 5 as an example. Please take note that the number you pick should not be covered in the corner or double street bet. Place a chip on the straight number (5 in this case) then select 2 double street like 13, 14. 15. 16, 17 and 18 and 31, 32, 33 34, then place two chips on each of the double streets. Lastly, search for a corner like 8, 9, 11 and 12 and bet one chip.

Do I need to raise or lower my betting amount to win?

No. you don’t need to raise or lower your betting amount. I’d recommend you stick to the amount that you are comfortable with. The Double street quad system is not aggressive. It covers less than half of the numbers so always keep in mind that several spins in a row can be unprofitable.

Can I still lose if I apply this double street quad strategy?

Yes. The goal of the double street quad system in roulette is to limit your chances of losing, and increase your chances of winning. It doesn’t guarantee winnings. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. Double street roulette system review might be helpful.

Is the double street quad system a positive or negative progression?

The double street roulette system legal strategy is neither a positive or a negative progression.

Is double street quad strategy suitable for all types of traditional roulette?

Yes. The double street quad system in roulette is suitable for any type of traditional roulette. There are no bets on even chances and the French version doesn’t provide any extra benefits. American roulette has a huge house advantage due to the double zero

What can I do to score high?

Scoring high is an event that doesn’t always happen. Raising the betting amount won’t do. The secret to scoring high is to strive on a consistent income while effecting a slow steady practice. This double street betting system guide is easy to understand.

How do I pick the right or best strategy?

Well, it depends on your financial capability and how long you wish to play. Other systems have higher risks that would suck your finance in a few matters of spins. If I were you I would stick to the double street quad system because it gives me the ability to start with a small amount while staying longer in the game and winning in a, not so snail pace. But note that double street roulette system success stories are real.


In conclusion, there are no proven or strategy that guarantees your winning. If anyone tells you that this strategy (whatever system it is will make you win for sure), please ignore them as they are trying to dupe you.  However, what strategies or systems does is to minimize your chances of losing while you enjoy playing, thus giving you a higher chance of winning. Like any other system, the double street quad system has its share of pros and cons, some of which I have explained in this article. The double street roulette betting system strategy is just a pattern of arranging chips on the field of the roulette. It is merely a combination of two double street bet, one corner bet and one straight-up bet. However, it is not better nor worse than any other system or strategy in roulette. To take advantage of the double street quad system, set realistic financial and time structure to control the process even before you start playing. Double street system requirements are not hard to chew over. 

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