The Fibonacci Betting System


There are a lot of different betting systems that you can use with roulette. One of them is known as the Fibonacci roulette strategy, something that is carefully curated to provide you with earnings and success when you’re playing the game. The reason that the system is so popular is that the Fibonacci roulette system odds tend to be a little higher than usual, though they don’t actually game the system. 

We’re going to take a closer look at the system and show you why it’s so important to understand the ins and outs of the sequence for your bets. Our Fibonacci roulette system review will cover a lot of information about the topic, giving you a concise way to determine if it’s something that you would like to use. 

What Is the Fibonacci Betting System?

The Fibonacci roulette betting system strategy is rooted in the idea of betting using the famous sequence that was discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci. It is the sum of the previous numbers before it, so it would be 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987….etc. 


There are some advantages to the system. While it does not actually help you win, the one thing that it does do for you helps you bet safely. Since you are matching the units to the numbers of the sequence, you are progressing with your bets in a safe manner. That means you won’t go overboard and blow all of your banked earnings on a single spin of the wheel. 

Another thing that people like about using this system is that it is simple to remember. Too many of the systems want you to write numbers and use formulas off the top of your head. With this simple formula, you can keep betting without missing turns while trying to do the math in your head.


As with any method of betting, our Fibonacci roulette system guide will also show you that there are weaknesses with the method. For one thing, you never really bet a lot of money on a single turn. That way, you don’t lose too much money. However, that can limit your gains for money, too. While that is something that some people are willing to deal with, others don’t like that idea. 

There are some other problems that come with using this method. Specifically, you can quickly hit the table maximum when you’re on this method because of the progressive nature of the formula that is used to calculate your bets. Remember that the Fibonacci roulette system success stories are the exception and not the rule, meaning that you don’t have a good chance at maintaining long-term wins. 

Fibonacci Sequence Formula

The Fibonacci betting system guide that we’ve come up with will explain the system to you in some detail. For starters, the system is only used for even-money bets, so things that are going to give you the highest chance of winning like black, red, high, low, etc. That can give you an idea of what they are doing with the system: low risk and low reward. 

The basic concept of the plan is that you start with 1 unit of betting, which can be $1, and then you move through the sequence until you lose. At that point, you start at the beginning if you lose on the first round, or move back two spaces in the sequence if you are farther along in the system. 

As with any of the formulas that we have discussed through the various systems, this is not a sustainable plan. That means you need to use it for short-term games and such because it will not yield the results that you want in the long term. 

That being said, it’s important to go over the Fibonacci system requirements and provide an example so you understand how the system is used in practice.

The Fibonacci Strategy in practice

The Fibonacci roulette system example is used in bets that are even money and have a high chance of success. So, the example of a roulette game with this in play would look something like this:


This example shows precisely why this is such a popular method of betting. We lose 4 rounds and won 1, but we still came out with a positive balance. However, later in the game, or during a losing streak, this would be much more difficult to turn into a win. 

The Fibonacci Betting System FAQ

Is the Fibonacci roulette system legal?

Yes, this system is not capable of altering the odds on the game, so that makes it perfectly legal to use in casinos.

Why is this a bad system in the long run?

Since there is a house edge, eventually, you will run into significant losses. However, with a manageable outlook, you can obtain short-term gains using this system.

Can I play this with every type of roulette?

Yes, you can use this system with American roulette, European roulette, and French roulette.


While the Fibonacci roulette system is not as popular as some of the other options that exist, it’s still something that people use every day when they step into casinos. This unique system has mostly caught on with people because they think that it will give them a mathematical edge, but the fact is that the house is the only thing with an edge in the casino. That being said, this betting system is very safe, and it’s easy to follow. That makes it incredibly valuable for people that are looking to bet small, get some earnings, and have some fun. The betting system doesn’t require high stakes, and it’s perfect for online or in-person games. As long as you pay attention to your last few bets, you’ll have an idea of where you are in the progression, so you’ll know your next bet before you make it!

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