Green Black Attack System


Roulette has been around since the beginning of time. It is popular among gamblers. It is played in every casino around the world. As the fanbase increased, people increasingly developed new strategies or system to limit the chances of losing, while cashing out. There are a few strategies, but in this article, you will find green black attack roulette system explained. If you are among those people in love with black colour, then you might want to turn your liking for black and play the green black attack roulette strategy. The goal of the green black attack roulette system odds (or strategy) is to hit the black numbers. 


Irrespective of which type of wheel, European or American wheel, numbers from 1 to 36 are always arranged correspondingly on the layout. From the 1 to 36 numbers, there are six red and six black in each section (1-12, 13-24, 25-36) but they are not always red-black or red-black). If a player wishes to bet on either colour, they will land on the wheel with the same motion. But something totally different happens with the column. If you position yourself by the edge with the wheel on the top, the top three runs vertically in front of you. The column in the left axis begins with 1 at the top, and the middle begins with number 2, and the far-right axis column begins with number 3. Here’s the part you should register to your memory: Column 1 has six black numbers; 4, 10, 13, 22, 28 and 31. Column 2, the great middle, has eight black numbers; 2, 8, 11, 17, 20, 26, 29 and 35 


The advantages and disadvantages of green-black attack system vary with the type of the wheel.  If you’re playing on a single wheel, you can take advantage of the many black numbers in the middle, thus raising your winning chances and a higher payout. When placing a wager on the middle column, it is very possible to also place a wager on black, and three split bets with “0”. The chances of winning depend on the possible outcome of the spin. If you’re playing on a double zero wheel, then you might want to consider that a few streaks of black, if they form around the middle numbers, will raise your table stake. The double zero green black attack system will grind you down slowly whenever the red is busy, or you’ll end up staying for a long time if black’s repeats. Green black attack system requirements is a little complicated and will take some time before anyone understands the possible winning outcome. It requires focus and patience and a little bit of luck to win. This green black attack roulette system review is among the best available. 


The problem with green black attack roulette system example and green black attack system as a whole rests on the difficulty in understanding the system and the probability of landing on any of the possible winning outcomes.  If you’re not careful enough, you’ll end of losing more than you win. The problem also rests on the type of wheel. A North American, or double zero wheels, might have more problems but a European, or single zero wheels, have fewer problems and is more fun.


Let’s consider a situation in which your roulette table has a minimum bet of $5 on the outside and three chips on the inside numbers (that is $1 per chip). Wagers typically begins with the smallest bet allowed: I.e: $5 on the middle column, $5 on black, and place your three $1 chips on splits with zero covering 1, 2, 0 added with 2, 0 and 2, 3, 0.
By so doing, you have covered black numbers and green, the only thing you need to worry about is your worst nightmare which is 12 red numbers and you still get a nibble if 1 or 3 comes up. However, your total first bet is 13 units ($13) and there are a lot of outcomes that will pop out of the blue, they are explained below:

  • Read on an outside column and not number 1 or 3: if this happens, you lose 

all your wagers. To handle this outcome, you need to repeat the minimum wagers and pray for a better spin.

  • Red number 1 or 3: if this occurs, you lose all your black and middle wagers

plus two of your three inside bets, but your compensation is $11 so when you subtract it from total bet, you’ll realize that your overall loss is just $2. Repeat your previous wagers.

  • Black on an outside column: If this happens, you gain $5 on black, lose $5

on the middle column, and lose $3 on the inside for an overall loss of $3. To tackle this, you need to repeat your previous wagers.

  • Middle column red: If this occurs, you lose your black and inside wagers

but have a little profit from the middle column bet. You still need to repeat your previous wagers to tackle this.

  • Middle column black but not number 2: If this occurs, you win your $5

black wager, win $10 (2 to 1) on the middle column and lose $3 inside bets for a win of $12. If you find yourself in this position, simply add $1 to the black and middle column bets.

  • Middle number 2 spins: if this happens, you win black, middle, and a split

(numbers 2 and 0) for a profit of $30. To tackle this, add $2 to each winning bet.

  • Zero spins: If this happens, you lose your black and middle bets, but your

three inside bets return $39 for a profit of $29. If you find yourself in this possible, add $1 to each inside bet and your black and middle bets.


Green Black attack system is fairly easy to employ if you wish to win.  Please take note of the possible outcomes and the way to go around it, which have been explained in the article. 

Green Black Attack System FAQ

Can I apply this Green black attack betting system guide on a European or American wheel?

The green black attack system works on the double zero American wheels and the single zero European wheel. The European wheel is slightly better as a player can recoup half of any even money bet.

What’s the minimum amount to bet on the outside with the green black attack roulette betting system strategy?

The minimum betting amount is five dollars and if follow all the instructions and are lucky enough, you’ll cash out with a bigger amount.

How do I choose the right type of wheel?

It depends on your choice, but I’d recommend the European wheel.


Green black attack roulette system legal strategy is simply aimed at hitting black numbers. Under normal circumstances, it takes time and a little luck to win. There’s a slight difference between the single zero wheels and the double zero wheel. However, the single zero wheels are more fun. However, the same rules apply in both cases. If you find yourself in any of those possible outcomes, it’s best to follow the corresponding instructions. When your bankroll is doubled, you have the choice to walk away with a nice couple of cash, or you may want to collect some money and continue for a bigger win. Green black attack success stories makes sense for real. Make sure you have fun and play smartly! 

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