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Roulette has broadened and attracted more gamblers over the years.  In North America and Europe, it’s even more popular. The introduction of roulette brought along the development of new cutting-edge strategies or systems to increase the chances of winning. Some of these strategies are preferred over others because they possess a high chance of winning. Pivot Roulette Strategy or system is one that is widely accepted and applied.  Though it is controversial. In this article, you’ll find the Pivot roulette system strategy explained in clear terms.


A pivot roulette system legal strategy or system can be defined as a system employed that focuses on a repeating pattern.  This repeating pattern is known as the ‘pivot’ of the strategy. Players must keep track of the numbers, study the repeating number pattern and place a bet on the pivot number. The process kicks off from this point.  The player will place bets on the observed pivot number until it hits again, or until thirty-six (36) spins to play through. The player should take note that the straight-up bet pays 35:1 and that they would only make a profit if their number wins within the 35 spins. In a situation when the ball halts on the pivot on the 36th spin, the payout will be equal to the money they have lost in the previous 35 spins. In a different situation when the number comes later on, probably in the 36th spin or after that, the player will lose, and that will be the end of the gaming session.


The Pivot System can be likened to the Makarov-Biarritz method. It has its origin from the Law of the Third idea. The law of the third came into light by a renowned Italian researcher who spent months observing numbers. This happened in 1960. The Italian researcher noticed a large number of spins and a pattern. If a 37-pocket roulette wheel spins 37 times (or 38 times in the case of an American roulette wheel having 38 pockets), three possible outcomes will be observed. One-third of the numbers never come out. One-third of the numbers happen just once, and one third︎ of the numbers win several times…
In short, the pivot roulette strategy indicates that 24 numbers will approximately come out in 37 or 38 spins (depending on the nature of the wheel). In a normal circumstance, it is almost impossible for all 37 numbers hit during the 37 spins, some numbers will come out thrice or twice or even more often. Some numbers much not show at all.  This is normal as the game is random.


The good aspect of the pivot roulette betting system strategy is that it reduces the bets of any player. Whether the player is unlucky not to win or not, he/she will wager less in a few hours of the game session. A player doesn’t need to have a large bankroll. 


The pivot roulette strategy doesn’t require specifically a single zero wheel or the double zero wheel, so the player may wish to choose any of them he prefers. There’s no pros and cons either. Like I stated earlier, players need to keep track of the 35 spins. They can jot them down on a paper or by peeping at the display board linked to the roulette table. With the three possible outcomes observed, pivot roulette strategy demands that players exercise patience until they catch sight of a number repeat and then place a bet (the amount bet should be single) on the number each of the 35 spins. If the number repeats at any time, the player will make a profit (or break even if the number comes on the 35th spin). When the number repeats, the player selects the next number that has happened on the list and place a bet on that one for 35 spins or until it repeats. However, if for any reason the number picked did not repeat in a 35-spin outcome, the next number that has repeated is picked and the player places bet for another outcome of 35 spins. The process goes on and on.


This pivot betting system guide can be applied on the roulette table, but there are certain precautions players need to take. After discovering their pivot number through multiple spins without betting, they’ll need to jot it down or memorize it if the casino doesn’t support using paper and pen or mobile devices. Players should always try to stick to their minimum wagering limits. If any of the possible outcomes come into play, they might win or lose. Pivot system requirements are not hard to understand. 


Surprisingly, some roulette players still doubt the legitimacy of the pivot roulette betting strategy. This is due to the basic concept of the law of the third and hot numbers. While there are roulette players who adore and believe in this great idea, many experts don’t regard it. 


The law of the third is a worm that has eaten deep into the brains of many gamblers. While in reality, it doesn’t exist because roulette is an unpredictable game and each spin happens naturally, not as a product of past or future events. The law of the third when tested by players comes true for only a few series of 37 spins, but when tested by thousands of players, it doesn’t make sense. This is because every number on the roulette wheel, not excluding the zero (or zeros depending on the type of wheel), have the same probability of re-occurring every time.


The same reasoning can be applied in this case. A ball has no memory to store past event or anything. So there’s nothing like ‘hotness’. As I have described earlier, each spin is not a product of the previous one and it’ll be wrong to use it as a base to predict the future. In short, there are no hot or cold numbers as it is impossible to predict where the ball will land. I guess you can see the loophole in this pivot roulette system example. 


Every flat betting system operates by the same principle; players simply need to place the same amount of money on each bet. It is the same for Pivot, but there is a slight difference between each of them. Pivot roulette system odds of winning is high. 

Pivot System FAQ

Is Pivot strategy the best?

Every system has its pros and cons, so it’s up to you to choose the one suitable for you.

What are the differences between the law of the third and pivot roulette strategy?

There are similarities between both of them in the sense that they are both flat betting systems. But unlike Pivot roulette strategy, where bets are repeated placed on the same numbers, the law of the third requires players to bet on nine numbers only, thrice in a row. Understanding this pivot roulette system review will go a long way.

Can I combine two strategies at once?

I’m not sure if that’s possible but I’d advise you to stick to one strategy at a time to get the best results.


The Pivot system is an easy strategy that requires prayers to track numbers and place bets while catching fun playing roulette. Several times the number repeat sequentially and that will enable the player to make profits. However, roulette remains a game of chances, but it’s a lot better with pivot playing roulette strategy. While some pivot roulette system success stories are true, you still got to be careful!

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