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Roulette is a popular game that every gambler in every part of the world finds interesting and fun to play. In this text, a player will discover 6 pence roulette system explained. Although there is a slight difference between the French and the European and American roulette. The spread of the roulette virus brought along the evolution of new roulette betting strategies or system that seems to give players a winning edge. Six Pence system is among one of the recommended methods in roulette. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Before we take the next life-changing steps, let’s take a look at the definition of a six pence roulette system legal strategy. The sixpence (6 pence) is invented to cover much of the roulette wheel head with stacks, six of which will be covered with a single chip. The player can possess five chips in action on a single zero, or double (two) wheel, but the number sets bet will be different. This six pence roulette system review covers everything a player needs to know.


Before you play using the 6 pence roulette betting system guide, a pen and notebook might come in handy as it would help to bet the right numbers and log your previous bets. Some gambling websites push players to start from a specific starting point, but this doesn’t pose any problems as it only makes the game a little dull.  Six pence system in roulette denotes making six number bets along the inside of the layout in a single chip. When a player makes a six-number bet, it covers six numbers, for example, 31 – 36, by pinning a single chip intersecting the numbers 31 and 34 and half of your chip into the third twelfth section. Third twelfth section is not where you have a bet, but rather it’s the landing point of the chip. Furthermore, a player will have to make four numbers straight-up bet and to accomplish the goal of systemically covering the entire wheel, those numbers need to be plus 29, 5, 8 and 21. Most of the 6 pence roulette system success stories are true.


When a player tosses their first spin, they hit ten numbers, 31, 32, 33 34, 35, 36, 29, 5, 8 and 21within the range of five chips. If a player hits 6 pence (31-36), the player will be rewarded with five chips and their profit will be one. So he will need to add the one chip to their single bet which is already covering 31 to 36 digits respectively and pin a single chip on 29, 5, 8 and 21. When the player bangs a number straight-up, he/she will need to double the bets to two chip each so that the resulting number of chips will be 10 chips. 


The second spin is necessary if the player doesn’t hit a number on the first spin. He/she will start in the bottom with a single chip covering the same six number I outlined earlier. Further placing a chip on each conforming four singles. In an unfortunate situation, if the player skips through all numbers, the player will make another single-chip wager (bets of five chips in total) on each of the bets. However, if the player is so lucky to hit a 6 pence numbers (31 to 36), then they will have to add one more chip to that wager (the player will have three chips covering six numbers) and slip down to a single bet on the other four numbers (29, 5. 8, 21)


When the player doesn’t hit a number again. He/she will have to start again from the basement drawing board. Stick to the same group of numbers even if he/she is yet to hit a winner. In a different circumstance, when the player wins back to back and then miss a spin, the solution is to reflect moving to another sixpence group. 

After the third spin, and when the sixpence number is hit, the next step is to raise the bet by a chip. If it happens when the player hits a straight-up number, they don’t have to give up. The process goes on and on until the target goal is accomplished which is usually 120 or 180 chips. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. 6 pence onacci system requirements are not complicated. 


One of the advantages of the application  of 6 pence betting system guide in roulette is that it keeps players excited while they play. This is because the bets are evenly spread out along the wheel, and there is every possibility for the bets to land within two bags of one of the bets. So every spin becomes fun. 

As the starting goal is to skid through ten bets unit. At five bets per spin, 5×12, a player will need 60 chips to begin the game. Let’s not forget that the overall bankroll is 180 chips. This six pence roulette system example is easy to understand. 


There are no specific tricks to win roulette with the six pence roulette strategy.  Six pence roulette system odds allows players to cover 10 numbers on each spin and winning is not very difficult as the ball will always crash within two spaces of one of your numbers. When making a straight-up number bet, use the corresponding 6 pence bets for the wheel you pick. 

Six Pence System FAQ

Is it possible to win with the 6 pence roulette betting system strategy?

Yes, as long as you follow all of the instructions and a little bit of luck on your side, you should be fine. You can’t be certain if you don’t give it a try.

Is the order of numbers the same for a European and a North American wheel?

No. They are different because the European wheel has a single zero (0) and a North American wheel has double zeros (00), hence two different number group follow. The similarity between the European wheel and a north American wheel is that both take advantage of stacking six numbers on a single chip and four numbers straight-up.

What happens if I exhaust my first round of 60 chips?

Well if you find yourself in this position, you have the right to decide for yourself. You might wanna go for a break (maybe sip from a cup of coffee) or continue immediately. It all depends on how you feel.


Roulette is a game of chances and there is no proven strategy to win. Applying 6 Pence roulette strategy will only reduce your chances of losing, giving you a higher chance to win. This 6 pence betting guide is among the best.  A player needs to be patient, smart and consistent. A piece of simple advice I would give is that bet only one 6 pence combination at a time. Don’t change it if you don’t land on a string of winners. Good luck!

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