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Roulette is a fun game that has been in existence for a long time. Roulette is the most popular game that is played in casinos, land or online all over the world. While Roulette is not a difficult game, some rules and terms govern the gameplay. It’d be of any player’s best interest to gain knowledge on the terms of this wonderful, fun game —roulette. In this article, a player will find the common roulette betting terms explained. The terms here pop up again and again in writings. Knowing these terms will make a player become an ultimate roulette champion. Roulette glossary terms can be grouped into three major categories: 

Beginner Terms, Intermediate and Advanced terms. These groups of terms will be discussed respectively.


Beginner terms are roulette vocabulary terms that cover the basics of roulette, betting and table terms. They are very essential for any beginner to be successful at playing roulette. They are treated below:

  • Single/Straight Bet

Single/straight bet, as the name implies, covers betting on one number on the roulette board.  The odds of hitting are 37 – 1, and the payout is 35 -1.

  • Outside/Inside Bet

This term states that individual numbers are on the inside portion of the betting surface. When you place a bet, it is regarded as an inside bet. However, betting odd numbers, even numbers, red, black and other large numerical number blends present, are outlined on the outside part of the betting surface, and placing a wager are all regarded as an outside bet.

  • Croupier

Croupier is a roulette term coined and originated in France that refers to a roulette dealer. 

  • Ball/Wheel

Ball/Wheel roulette wheel terms are as easy as ABC and easier in this list. The ball is a white small object that spins around the outside of the wheel and halts in a numbered pocket, denoting the winner. The wheel is the spinning device that contains the numbered pockets that the ball lands on.

  • Ball Track/Backtrack

Ball track/Backtrack can be defined as the space located outside of the roulette wheel where the ball moves to before resting in a pocket.

  • Check Rack/Check Tray/Well

Check Rack/Check Tray/Well is a space where players store their chips while playing roulette. 

  • Payout

Payout is the amount of money paid by a croupier to a player when a player wins.


So far we have covered the beginner’s term,  we will now progress to the next category of roulette terms and definitions.  Intermediate terms are more complicated and mainly has to do with the type of bet available at the roulette table.

  • Split Bet (Cheval)

This term involves when a player places a bet on two adjacent numbers simultaneously. It is done by placing a chip or string of chips on the line separating the two numbers.

  • Street Bet (Transversale)

A street bet is a practice of betting on three numbers at the moment that they are all in the same row.

  • Corner (Carre) Bet

Corner bet occurs when a player bets on four numbers once by placing a chip or string of chips on the corner or point where all four numbers intersect.

  • Five-Number Bet

Five-Number bet is only available for American roulette because of the presence of double zero. This occurs when a player places a bet on zero, double zero, one, two and three simultaneously.

  • Six-Number Bet (Sixainne)

This is only possible when a player bets on six numbers at the same time.

  • Column Bet

Column Bet involves a player placing a bet on one of the three columns found inside of the betting surface.

  • Dozen Bet

Dozen bet occurs when a roulette player bets on one of the three marked groups of 12 numbers. In a normal event, these groups will be divided into the first 12 numbers on the wheel (1-12), the second 12 numbers on the wheel (13-24) and the third (final) 12 numbers on the wheel (25-36).

  • Parlay

This is simply done by leaving a bet on the roulette table (this is occasionally the payout from previous winnings) and adds a recent winning to it.  This is done to make their winnings bigger.


Advanced Terms is the last category of roulette gambling terms. They comprise of betting methods, phrases, terms that are beneficial to win this game of roulette. A strong grasp of the basics of roulette, its betting terminologies can go a long way in preparing you for your success. Let’s look at roulette advanced terms.

  • Biased Wheel/Biased Numbers

A biased wheel/biased numbers happened in the past. It happens when wheels get older and worn out and start landing on a particular number frequently. However, ways have been implemented to stop this. The introduction of online casino has kissed the practice goodbye forever. In short, a biased wheel is an imperfection that makes certain numbers to appear regularly than it ought to appear by probability.

  • Chameleon Strategy

This is a strategy that is not based on any scientific theory or law. Chameleon Strategy involves observing for a hot player on the roulette table and placing bets on the previous numbers or pattern. 

  • Wheel Clocking

Wheel Clocking is the process of taking into consideration the results of a particular roulette wheel in faith that the player will observe a pattern.

  • Visual Wheel Tracking

As the name implies, Visual Wheel tracking is simply the study of a roulette ball while approximating where it would land on the roulette wheel.


Roulette is probably the best game that is enjoyed in a casino—land or online casino. It is easy, fun and interesting to play. Over the years, new strategies have been introduced to beat the house edge and give you a high chance of winning. Understanding roulette slang terms and general terms is the first step to take to succeed. No matter how much knowledge you have gathered, always remember that roulette is a game of chances. You still need a little bit of luck to win at playing roulette. However it goes, don’t forget to enjoy the game. There is no point of winning or even playing if you won’t catch fun doing so. 

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