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MONOPOLY roulette tycoon by Scientific Games belongs to the category of standard roulette games. It includes bets such as inside, outside and single as well as number bets. This game also features racetrack bet where there are such bets as Orphelins, tiers du cylindre among others.

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Game Rules and Table Limits

Just like in other roulette games, Monopoly roulette tycoon at casino online uses similar rules. For this game, you have to place a minimum of one roulette bet once the monopoly bet is active for the game to begin.

Another rule is that it only provides the player with four chances to activate the bonus. The bonus only becomes active when the ball hits the red pocket upon placing a bet on the property strip. This game also provides that the table limits on the inside bets in total equal those in the outside bets. 

Significant Features of the Game

The main features that you should understand before playing Monopoly roulette tycoon for real money include the following.

Advice on How to Win the Game

To win Monopoly roulette tycoon for real money, you need to utilize your four chances to ignite the bonus. Try rolling the dice for a chance to win big cash.

Similarly, it would be best if you aimed at the red ball to activate your fun bonus game and win more. Monopoly roulette tycoon is a standard European roulette that has a house edge of over 2.7 percent. Therefore, the game has a high payout range of between 2.7 and 5.6%.

Playing Free and For Real Money Bets

Monopoly roulette tycoon can be played both on the desktop and mobile. The layout of the game is similar to that of Europeans versions of table roulette. The betting layout is located towards the top of the screen.

From here, you can pick any number between 1 and 36 or even the green zero to play the wheel. Playing the Monopoly roulette tycoon for free does not require a real money deposit to your account.


In summation, it is essential to understand that there is a Monopoly roulette tycoon mobile version that you can play anywhere. The game provides the player with easy ways to play online, thanks to its perfect graphics. It has a comfortable setting and layouts that enable anyone, including the newbies, to play smoothly.

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