Privacy Policy

RouletteGambler strongly recommends registered users or players to read these privacy policies before contemplating a significant decision. On visiting and using our services or approaching our support team, your consent is considered Yes by the site.

The Information We Collect

RouletteGambler collects two distinct types of information from the users or visitors, including:

  1. Personal Information: This is collected by either of the following ways, including:

    Avail Customer Care Services: You require providing your email ID while taking the service of our customer care. It is considered a critical and secure form of a database from our side and helps in providing better services for the future.
    Social Media Pages: If you register via your social media page, we may use the information that is made available by you in public.
    Device Usage: We may collect information from your device software or hardware. The data we may collect includes IMEI, MAC address, IP address, and Geo-location based data.
  2. Non-Personal Information: Under this type, un-identified information with regards to a user may be gathered as per the policy. Under this, we may collect information on the device, browsers, language, and activity-based data:

    Technical Data: The main idea behind the collection of such an idea is to provide
    better service and relevant offers.
    App and Device Info: Data of your device settings and app settings alongside other hardware details may be gathered. This also includes software components, right from the O/S used, and mobile browser behavioral app data.
    Location-based Data: Collection of where you travel and location details may be taken.
    Analytical Info: We may use the information of services based on your web browsers and look upon how long you spend your average time over different websites. These details help in better troubleshooting.

Information about Cookies

RouletteGambler uses cookies to collect non-personal usage to provide you a better site experience. These cookies help in faster site loading and help us monitor your online preferences. For more details, read the cookie policy and the usage of the same.

Use of Personal Data

RouletteGambler uses personal data for purposes, including:

  1. To provide with appropriate services
  2. To prevent and remove any site-based technical issues
  3. To provide a better customer care service
  4. To analyze valuable data for future reference in service improvement
  5. To notify about a change of policy or services

Contact Us

If you have any complaints or issues with any policies or terms and conditions, please drop in an email at our official site handle. Aside from this, one can also contact the customer care number for a better explanation