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Roulette is a fascinating simple game that’s well known across the world. Players have various options and can bet on one number or a group of various numbers. The numerous betting combinations bring various odds for winning and payouts. There’s also the option of live Roulette Collection mobile. The following are the reasons why this game is popular:

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+ £88 No Deposit
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Roulette Collection by Authentic Gaming comes with several features. Authentic Gaming is a software developing company that has released the latest versions of roulette games. They are known to offer several features that gamers prefer. It is a new entrant into casino software development, but they have made good gains in the casino gaming industry. Their roulette collection comes with features such as private tables, the VIP tables, and HD video quality, among other features. Many players would like to use software which is reliable and safe. The authentic gaming company has taken the initiative to offer players everything they need to enjoy playing.

How to Win Online Roulette

You can now enjoy the Roulette Collection by Authentic Gaming. While there’s no straightforward method to win the slot, you can use several strategies, for instance, Paroli and D’Alembert. Placing more bets is one of the surest ways to increase your winning chances.

Key Features

The Authentic Gaming software offers live Roulette, and there’re plans to include baccarat in the future. Roulette, however, comes in different variations, and all of them are mobile. Users can access the live version in android and iOS devices.

Indeed, the playing interface was initially mobile programmed. The Authentic portfolio is much different, as compared to the polished studio alternatives that users are used. It gives you the real deal for the gaming. Plan to play live Roulette Collection and enjoy the experience.

Whichever the type of gadget you use for the game, the live video auto players once you start the game. Ordinarily, it’s full screen, and different cameras are utilized for an exclusive experience. The offer versions count on single-zero, European wheels. It implies that the admirers of American Roulette have to seek another option.

Wide range of tables

Roulette games are played on tables. The tables are spun to determine whether the roller has won or not. The gaming software allows players to choose between private or VIP tables. It is designed in such a way it meets the need of different rollers.

Studios spread across Europe

The roulette game developers have studios spread across Europe. You will find them in areas such as Denmark and the UK. Developers of the casino games are highly skilled. They use the latest technology to deliver the best games to players.

Roulette collection by Authentic Gaming

The gaming software development company has taken the casino game industry by storm. They have introduced a wide range of games aimed at making gamblers happy. Here are some of the games from the software developers:

 Roulette Turbo by Authentic

It is streamed live for over 18 hours a day. It allows gamblers to play from any location in the world. The software developers enable the casino to stream live from international casinos such as Hilton Batumi to eager players. New rollers are started each minute. Players can even bet while the wheel spins. Players have access to the European roulette and Turbo roulette.

Roulette Superieur by Authentic

It is a variation offered by Authentic Gaming. It features 4 experienced croupiers. Some would like to experience something different. The roulette variations from Authentic Gaming allow them to enjoy different experiences.

Roulette Original by Authentic

It is a simple roulette game which has a simplified user experience. Those who are after a simple version of roulette have been taken care of.

Authentic Roulette Professional

It is a game for experienced and high rollers. The game is streamed from Italy.

Roulette Double Wheel by Authentic

It is a game where you can play a double wheel to enjoy double fun. Some players will like to test the experience of two wheels. The software developers have brought the fun to thrill-seekers by introducing the double wheels.

Blaze Auto Roulette

It is an automated version of roulette. It is streamed from Malta studios. The table opens on specific hours. The game is offered to European players. Betting wait is only 35 seconds making it a fast game.

Basic Rules

  1. Players start by making bets;
  2. The croupier or dealer throws the ball into the roulette wheel. Betting is a continuous process even during spinning;
  3. While the ball is turning at the roulette wheel, the dealer or croupier declares: “No more bets.”
  4. From that point, players aren’t permitted to making bets;
  5. The ballpoints a number within the roulette wheel. If there are winners according to number, color, or section, they’re gifted according to their odds.

The table has numbers on a spinning wheel. The numbers are arranged in a unique way. Gamblers bet on where the ball will land.

Table Limits and Odds

Checking the Roulette odds is easy. You need to know the available number of results and the accessible approaches to win. For instance, for a straight-up bet or betting on one number, you only have one opportunity to try your luck. You can also have a taste of live dealer Roulette Collection at casino online.

To recognize the best chances in Roulette, you should have the general knowledge of available roulette odds. You need to physically count the chances or find it from reliable sources on the web. Counting your odds is an ideal way to increase your winning opportunities. You will win if the ball will stop on the number you picked.

But for multiple numbers, you can win if the wheel points any of the numbers that you chose. The table has 36 numbers marked with different colors. They are marked in red and black. The number 0 is marked in green.


Authentic Gaming provides attention to detail. Hence, the reason Roulette Collection slots have impressive user interfaces. During gaming, that’s when you understand the number of resources and time put into creating and testing the easiest games around us. Over that, the slots look and feel extremely customary, and you don’t want to miss the experience.

This is because they are facilitated in the best gaming club resorts. There are high-quality tables, and you expect only proficient croupiers to host the play. The live casino games explain the exclusive experience, and you can enjoy using any device. Authentic Gaming live Roulette Collection review provides more details. 

The Roulette Collection is a simple game to play. You will find it very enjoyable. Gamblers take few sessions to get introduced and they end up winning.

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